These Irish License Plates Are Non Transferable To Another vehicle Inside Or Outside The Republic Of Ireland.......

"For collector purpose only"


​Irelands leading number plate supplier of used license plates.

I have been collecting license plate's for a number of years from around the world . 


​I can supply used license plates from all county's in Ireland .


"List of County's


Cork (C),Clare (CE),Cavan (CN),Carlow (CW), Dublin (D), Donegal (DL), Galway (G), Kildare (KE), Kilkenny (KK), Kerry (KY), Limerick (L) (LK), Longford (LD), Louth (LH), Leitrim (LM), Laois (LS), Meath (MH), Monaghan (MN), Mayo (MO),Offaly (OY), Roscommon (RN), Sligo (SO), Tipperary (TN)(TS), Waterford (W)(WD), Westmeath (WH), Wexford (WX), Wicklow (WW).

As of January 2014 , 3 Counties have changed format.

Waterford is now conbined to (W)

Tipperary north and south to (T)

Limerick City and County to (L)


I also have a selection of License plates from Northern Ireland , UK , USA , Europe , Worldwide for sale .

Kevin     Mc  Carthy